Email Extractor Lite 1.4

Last updated on November 30th, 2022 at 10:00 am

An e-mail extractor is a tool which is employed to reveal and review the e-mail addresses within a content, either you are online or offline. To copy e-mail address from a lengthy web page or a wordy document, you don’t need to search for addresses and then copy them. Using an Email Extractor Lite 1.4 all you have to do is to copy a vast content and then paste into e-mail extractor. It will reveal all e-mail addresses within the text.

Email Extractor lite 1.4

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Email Extractor Lite 1.4

E-mail extractor lite 1.4 is the latest and most comfortable version of e-mail extractor. It is easy to use and quicker in its results. You just have to put a text or content which contains e-mail addresses, and press extract button. Text other than e-mails will be deleted, and e-mail addresses will appear separated by commas.

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Email Extractor Lite 1.4

Addresses will be in a format that you can easily copy to clipboard and paste it directly to a mailing application to e-mail that address. Due to the quality of this software, it is also known as Big booster e-mail extractor 1.4. It is a free software and can be used without any cost.

Functions of Email Extractor Lite 1.4

It has many uses like

Email Extractor

As the name shows, it is obviously an e-mail extractor. It extracts e-mail addresses from a text and separates them from the entire content, so you can copy it and use it elsewhere you want to use it. Unlike other extractors, this e-mail extractor performs a diverse range of functions. It automatically filters the repeated e-mail addresses and shows them only one time in the list.

Email Verification

This amazing tool has another fantastic feature. It is e-mail verification. You just have to paste the e-mail address, and it will check either this e-mail address exists or not. Now, you don’t need to send an e-mail to an e-mail address to confirm that it is real. This amazing feature is shocking. This tool does not limit you to verify only fewer e-mail addresses, you can check a bulk of addresses at a time, using this tool.

Filtering the Extracts

This tool can extract e-mail addresses of different domains like Google mail, yahoo, outlook, etc. If there is a huge document, and you want to extract the addresses of particular domains or hide the extracts from a domain, you can easily mark the option and get your job done.

There is a filter option for addresses where you can add one or more domain names like,, etc., and then if you want the result of addresses from these domains, select the option “only” extract address containing this string **put the name of domain here**.

But if you don’t need results from specific domain/s, select the option “do not” show address from this string and paste the name of domain/s in the box. This feature is beneficial to extract and sort results based on their domain names.

Separation of Addresses

To separate the e-mail addresses, this tool provides some defaults like comma, pipe, colon and new line options. It will separate e-mail addresses according to your selected option. It also gives you another option to separate addresses by any letter or symbol you provide it. For instance, if you want separate addresses by the character “/”, you just have to write it in the option, and all e-mail addresses will be separated by the symbol “/”.

Extractor lite 1.4 also enables you to group a specific number of addresses. If you select to group “3” e-mail addresses, every three e-mail addresses will be separated from others by a new paragraph. You can choose how to sort e-mail addresses. You can alphabetically list addresses to arrange them more conveniently.

Online Platform

This platform is, however, available offline but mostly used online. You don’t need to download it, and then install it, open it online, and it will extract e-mails quickly. It is made very lightweight, so there is no speed issue while using online. Verification of e-mail addresses can be done only online. This feature is not available while offline.

How to use it?

It is effortless to use this tool. Just follow some simple steps.

Extracting Email Addresses

First of all, open the e-mail extractor lite 1.4. You can search for it in a search bar. Now copy the content containing your required e-mail addresses and then paste it into the input box of extractor lite 1.4. Click on extract button, and it will extract addresses within a second.

Now you can copy e-mail addresses and paste them anywhere you want to use these addresses. To extract addresses from other content, click the reset button of extractor lite 1.4 and follow the same steps.

Sitting the Preferences

● If you need to arrange the extracts in alphabetical order, mark the option “Sort alphabetically” and again click the extract button. The e-mail addresses will be quickly arranged alphabetically.

● A comma between them separates the addresses by default, but if you want to change it, click on the “separator” menu and select the separator.

● To group a specific number of addresses, type the number of addresses that you want to be arranged as a group. If you type “2” and click extract button, every two addresses will be set like a group and will be separated from others by paragraphs.

● To show or hide the addresses from a specific domain, type domain name and select whether you want to show or not results from the chosen domain/s.

Verification Of Email Addresses

To verify whether an e-mail address exists or not, e-mail verification facility is also included in e-mail extractor lite 1.4 tool. Copy the extracted e-mail addresses from the extractor and click on the “verify e-mail” option at the extractor tool’s bottom. This will redirect you to a new window of e-mail verifier. Paste a bulk of addresses here and click verify. This will shortlist only the valid e-mail addresses.