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Last updated on November 26th, 2022 at 10:09 am

You are running your own small business, and daily you have to communicate to your staff members, suppliers, and customers through email. And it consumes a lot of your time to scrutinize the email addresses from the long list. You cannot afford an email program because it will be a burden on your budget.

Email Domain Separator

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Select the Provider you want and click on split to separate them in the form Below. For Instance if you want to separate gmail emails, you select gmail or you type the domain of the provider you want to separate, and click split.

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But what you are unaware of is that some tools can help you sort the emails into different groups and eliminate your efforts and save your time. These tools are free and will not cost you a single penny.

If you are the one who is facing a problem in scrutinizing emails and want a solution, then you are on the right page. This article is all about what is email separator Lite 1.4, and how does it work.

Email Separator

Email separator is a tool that allows the user to separate emails into different groups. The email separator sorts the emails according to their domains. Then within the domains, the email addresses are further sorted in alphabetical order.

Email Separator Lite 1.4

Email separator lite 1.4 is online freeware software (open-source software). It is also called an email domain sorter or email domain separator because it sort or separate the emails within different domains. Emails domain is that part of email addresses that comes after @. The most common email domains are Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and outlook, etc. Once the Email Separator sorts the emails according to the domain, you can arrange the emails within the domain, such as setting them alphabetically.

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How the Email Separator Lite 1.4 Works?

The email separator Lite 1.4 works both ways means it strips the email addresses into one easily usable list. Another way is that you copy a text, website, or it can be from a source and paste it into an email separator.

First, the separator will extract the emails from the text, and then it will strip it into a list according to their domains.
It is effortless to use an email separator, Lite 1.4. All you have to do is copy the source; paste it into the email separator.

The next thing is to select the domain and then click split. For example, you want to separate the Gmail emails. So you have to choose Gmail, which is the domain and then click split, and you will have a list of the Gmail emails. You can further arrange the list alphabetically for your convenience.

Advantages of the Email separator Lite 1.4

There are many advantages of email separator Lite 1.4. Some of them are as follows;

1 – The most significant advantage is that it makes your life easier. If you are the person who has to send hundreds of emails daily, then you might know the pain of extracting emails from a long list. But the email separator made the job more comfortable, and you can have a separate list of emails that can be used whenever is needed.

2 – This type of tool is costly and imposes an extra burden on your budget, but email separator Lite 1.4 is freeware software. It means everyone has open excess to this software and can download it online for free.

3 – It is lightweight software and will not consume a huge space of your hardware. This software is potent and extract and separate the emails within minutes and do not take too long. And it can support multi-threaded page loading.

4 – The different email providing services have different types of email separators. Like in Gmail, you have to put a comma in the email address to separate them, and in outlook, you have to put a semicolon. This difference makes things very complicated but using email separator lite 1.4 is very easy. Because you can copy any email in it, it can be JavaScript emails and comma-separated, outlook express mails. The email separator lite 1.4 will remove all the JavaScript, commas, and semicolons and display the email addresses.

5 – This software not only separates the email addresses from a list but also extracts and then separates email addresses from a text or a website, search engines, and local files, etc.

6 – It is straightforward to extract bulk mails with the email separator Lite 1.4.

7 – The email separator Lite 1.4 not only strips the emails within a domain but also has a feature to arrange the emails alphabetically within the domain, making your job easy.

8 – You can copy unlimited email addresses in the email separator.

In short, the Email separator Lite 1.4 is a useful tool that separates the emails from the unfiltered junks, and it also provides you with a list of emails that you can use further.