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Last updated on November 26th, 2022 at 09:59 am

If anyone wants some kind of sorting out work to be done, there are many options for you in the market; but every option is not worth it! So you have to go with the best one. In Covid19, most people started working online from home.

Email Extractor Lite 1.8
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Some of them were also data collectors and data extractors. For example, many schools asked students for their email addresses, etc., this job was not easy to be done without any helping hand. That helping hand for us is called Lite 1.8 this is also called Lite.8, whatever suits you better.

There are many kinds of software which charge you just for performing a simple task. Their interface might not be an easy one, too for a beginner. So, any software for free with a user-friendly interface, easy to use, lightweight, and an extremely powerful freeware tool would be an exceptional option for people to go with. All these options are condensed in a single roof. And that all in one software is called Lite 1.8 or Lite.8.

Lite 1.8

Lite 1.8 is a freeware tool that offers you to classify some kind of data from a large text or document. That data is addressed, whether it is email addresses or web addresses. This software can organize them as you want them. There is no limit for the number of words to extract needed content from; it can be 20 words or 2000 words. The main quality of Lite 1.8 is that it is remarkably lightweight for your PC, it is user-friendly, and its interface is one of the easiest ones.

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lite 1.8

Easy to use Interface of Lite 1.8

That software which is not easy to use is not widely accepted in the world. The thing which matters the most and increases the value is the efficiency with the easy use method. Almost every software or freeware with this phenomenon is accepted worldwide because everyone who wants to use any software is not a professional in the field. That’s the reason why Lite 1.8’s interface is kept quite easy for newcomers. A person just needs to fill in some tabs shown, and he will get the result obtained of his choice.

Two different windows

This freeware tool has two different windows called Input Window and Output Window. The size of these windows can be controlled. Input Window is for pasting your entire document there no matter how lengthy it is. That matter will be filtered out for you as you want it.

You might want email addresses to be filtered or web addresses to be. The other window is named as Output Window. This window shows you the result after a process. This conclusion will surely make you happy as all your addresses which couldn’t be found without investing hours if to be done manually are now in front of you just after some clicks and in some seconds.

Customize your output

The interface of LITE 1.8 gives you a wide option range and asks you to fill in some small tabs. Those tabs ask the person whether he wants email addresses to be dug out of the text sheets or they are web addresses that have to be sucked out.

You can order this software how you want more than one address to be sorted and separated. They can be separated by colons, commas, pipes, and others. You can have all your addresses separated in lowercase or uppercase alphabets by selecting an option.

Filter Window

Under the output customizing window, a filter window is given in LITE 1.8. It asks you that with which particular string or code you want your email or web addresses to be extracted or not to be. You can select one of both web or email addresses here. It also shows you the count of emails that it has extracted so far. This helps you counter check whether the number of addresses you should have is complete or any email or web address is missing in the file.

Why is LITE 1.8 Helpful?

Data extracting and separating tools are very useful in business and finance firms; even they are very useful for personal use. Gigantic business tycoon companies, data compiling companies, and many small businesses can take profit from this freeware tool.

With the help of LITE 1.8, you can compile all your customer’s email addresses in a couple of seconds without wasting your time, energy, money, and many more things. This proves that these kinds of tools are a massive help for you to grow and save time. This time can be invested in many more ideas which would take time and don’t have any cool solution like this.

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